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PAC Consulting understands how to provide building enclosure solutions suitable for each market type.  We apply our collective experience from across the spectrum of project types, from investigating failures and performance issues to field testing to support our knowledge base for new and existing buildings.


No matter the building type and use, we provide customized solutions for the individual project that focuses on the project's unique drivers within each market type. Explore below the primary market types that we focus on at PAC Consulting:




Commercial buildings have transcended beyond the specific program use; they are now multi-functional, mixing office, research, or laboratory space with curated amenities, such as residential, retail, or entertainment spaces. Architects, owners, and contractors trust PAC Consulting when they need a firm familiar with the design and construction of these multifaceted buildings.


As caretakers, these institutions are endowed with the responsibility to care for, celebrate and honor humanity’s cultural assets.  These organizations are pillars within their community and demand project teams with the sensitivity and creative thinking to provide holistic solutions for their building enclosure challenges. 


Education facilities balance numerous drivers and needs, including occupant comfort, multiple programmatic functions, and aesthetics. We understand our client's particular needs and have experience working on projects for the education market for over a decade. We partner with institutions and project teams to understand the specific project goals.


Projects for government entities must understand the service life of the building and balance the desired performance, resilience, and durability goals with program and security needs. We collaborate with project teams and these entities to achieve a successful outcome with the assignment.


Health care and life science facilities are atypical specialized buildings that must meet specific operational functions, temperature and humidity conditions, equipment types, and the ability to be adaptable and resilient in unexpected environments. We collaborate with facility teams, owners, and project teams to provide solutions to meet their needs.


We work with building architects, developers, property managers, and individual homeowners from single-family homes to high-rise mixed-use buildings. Whether new construction, renovation, or adaptive re-use, we know how to balance constructability and cost drivers with building performance, aesthetic, and comfort requirements or goals.

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